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Graffiti Removal Day

To support their commitment to reducing vandalism in the community, the NSW State Government has established a state wide graffiti removal and prevention day known as “Graffiti Removal Day” The aim of the day is to encourage people to volunteer their time and get involved in the removal and prevention of graffiti.
Graffiti Removal Day is a joint initiative between the New South Wales Government and Rotary Down Under.
The Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) Chippendale depot supported the initiative by coordinating a number of sites in the City of Sydney local government area where volunteers could assist in removing graffiti by painting over tags and scraping off bill posters. A member of the UMS team was on hand at each site to set up and prepare and ensure the volunteers could carry out their work safely and effectively.

One site saw 13 volunteers arrive from the youth arm of Rotaract and make short work of restoring a wall covered in graffiti at a prominent Sydney intersection.

Graffiti Removal Day

Another prominent site in Waterloo was attended to by UMS staff who used chemical and pressure washing to clean large tags from a concrete wall. The team spent the full day and cleaned off a significant number of tags, much to the delight of neighbouring residents.

Overall the day was a huge success with volunteer numbers being greater than the previous year. UMS was glad to be involved in helping clean the city and we will prepare well for next year for an anticipated increase in volunteer numbers.