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"Pocket Parks" in the City of Yarra

A recent episode of the ABC’s Gardening Australia featured a story on the “Roads to Open Space” program, offered by Yarra City Council in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This is Council’s response to a general lack of parkland in their densely populated urban areas such Collingwood and Richmond located in the north east of Melbourne.

The program involves turning low cost land such as disused car parks, side roads and off ramps into parkland. Three parks, created under this program were featured in the episode – Oxford St Park, Collingwood, Richmond Tce Park, Richmond and Church St Park, Richmond. These new parks are maintained for Council by Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) under a long term, comprehensive maintenance contract.

Yarra River Parklands

UMS crews were on hand to ready the parks for the TV cameras. Works included last minute paint touch ups, litter pick ups, mowing, graffiti checks and infrastructure checks, to ensure all went smoothly on the day of filming.

Yarra Landscape Architect, Carrie Lyndsay (who appears in the story) thanked UMS staff for all their efforts in helping Council to widely promote its innovative urban park providers program.

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