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"Zombie Run" in Western Sydney Parklands

Western Sydney Parklands is a major green-space set in the heart of Western Sydney. Managed by a government appointed Trust, the Parklands includes indigenous bushlands, recreational facilities, large infrastructure assets (including dams and utility elements ) and a range of urban farming enterprises.

Zombie Runs

Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) provides horticultural and infrastructure maintenance services to the Trust, as well as supporting the delivery of events within the parklands.

Recently a “Zombie” themed fun run/obstacle course style event was held within an area of the Parklands, and the Trust recommended UMS to provide services during the event, including:
Site Preparation – mowing of areas for car parks and “zombie zones” in consultation with the Trust and the Event Team as well as site planning for obstacles. An important part of the process coordinated by UMS was a full hazard identification around the course prior to set up, ensuring a challenging but safe environment for all participants.
Waste Management – organising bin placements and logistics for efficient waste management throughout the event. This was managed from event set up, throughout the entire event and right up until a final walk through once the event had concluded and all stakeholders had vacated the site.
The site had food and beverage stalls for the estimated 3,000 people participating and was advertised as a “Run for your life” style event! Judging by some of the obstacle names like “Blood Pit” and “Death Slide” you can understand why it was so popular and successful!
The event management provider complimented UMS management and operational staff for their “nothing is too much trouble” attitude for the entire process and are in negotiations to provide a similar event with the Trust and UMS in the future.