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Does Lawn Renovation Actually Exist?

The simple answer is “YES”. Lawn renovation does exist and it can be an effective way of rejuvenating lawns that are of an unsatisfactory standard.

Lawn renovation involves restoring a deteriorated turf-grass area to an improved condition. Depending on the condition of the turf, this process can be accomplished without establishing a new lawn.
Deciding to renovate your existing lawn, or to scrap the entire thing and start from scratch, can be a difficult decision. The general rule of thumb is: if 50% of the lawn is grass (and not overrun with weeds) then renovating your lawn is the way to go.
Recently, one of our clients in Sorrento had their lawns renovated and the end results were truly impressive.

After determining the underlying cause of the turf deterioration we got started revitalising the turf-grass areas. By looking at things like drought, excessive shade, tree root composition, poor drainage, soil compaction (we could go on for days…) and then corrected it with an appropriate renovation process.

The outdoor season is beginning and it’s time to start enjoying your beautiful, lush-green lawn again!

Do you have an unsightly lawn that’s needing some TLC?  There are proactive steps you can take with Urban Maintenance Systems.