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Don’t Let Unsightly Graffiti Keep Costing You

Graffiti is not just unsightly and a criminal offence but a significant drain on your resources. But what if we could tell you we can help you prevent future graffiti and the costs associated with it?
Amounts of up to $1.58 billion annually have been used as the estimated cost of criminal damage, which included but was not limited to graffiti vandalism, Australia wide. This estimate is likely to be quite conservative considering graffiti vandalism, like other forms of criminal damage, is not always reported to police.
If graffiti is not removed promptly, not only will it damage your properties appearance but the visibility of graffiti has served to heighten the public’s sensitivity to it as a threat against civic order and safety in their community.
The best way to remove graffiti is by removing it as swiftly as possible. Consideration of the graffiti type, what surface it has been graffitied on, how long it has been there for and how the area can be protected in the future are factored in at Urban Maintenance Systems.
Take a look at our diagram to see the process!

Don’t let graffiti damage encourage further criminal activity, devalue your property and generate fear and anger throughout communities.