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Council uses white toner from recycled printer cartridges to create white asphalt…

In a bizarre but incredibly innovative attempt to cool down the roads, The City of Canada Bay, NSW, embarked on a surprising new project. They used recycled, white toner cartridges to create white asphalt (yes, you heard me right).

As I went on to read this article I realised that this was actually a brilliant idea!

In urban areas, roads generate a significant amount of heat, helping to lead to what’s known as the ‘heat island effect’ and meaning cities are much hotter than surrounding areas.

This can prove damaging to local businesses, particularly throughout summer months when shopping strips can heat up to uncomfortable levels.

The white asphalt helps reflect heat and reduce ambient temperate (road temperatures have dropped by about 8 degrees by using this method). The toner from 800 used toner cartridges was used in the project, which represents 20 percent of printer and photocopier consumption in Canada Bay.

Mr Earls, Manager City Assets at Canada Bay, summed it up perfectly: “If councils can keep their local shopping strips cooler, then people are more inclined to leave their car at home… and [it] encourages people to walk, and while they’re walking they might bump into their neighbours and start forming community relationship”.

Well done Canada Bay for increasing awareness of the importance of the preservation of our environment and encouraging positive community interactions! It goes to show that Councils can operate their businesses to meet their needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

At UMS we also believe whole heartedly in offering environmentally friendly options as a part of our ‘good business practice.’

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