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Knox is keeping the grass greener… but at what cost?

Knox City Council has initiated an innovative storm water harvesting project. This is in a bid to save their sports-fields across the municipality. But at what cost? Would you believe me if I told you it came at a whopping $5.2 million-dollar price tag?
As we are faced with variable climate change there is no doubt that we can continue to stick our heads in the sand. So, the $5.2 million-dollar question is, why is it so important we do this?
Indeed, the implications of climate change are bigger than we think. It is already forcing us to think differently about the simplest aspects of our lives. As our grounds are becoming hotter and drier we are having more intense droughts, heatwaves and fires. It makes it more evident that climate change is no longer just a concept.
The simplest things like watering these large sports-fields comes at a cost as water suppliers are becoming more expensive. But, if we don’t upkeep these fields a further cost may be a diminished sense of community. As a result of a lack of physical activity and reduced involvement of people in sport and recreation clubs. We will be literally sticking our heads in the sand when there is no grass left to play on.

Knox Mayor Darrren Pearce said the ‘Warm Season Grass – Storm Water Harvesting’ initiative involved the planting of drought-resistant grass. Along with the installation of sub-surface drainage and irrigation, at nine venues across Knox.
This initiative take steps to ensure our sports fields remain available to the community. But, more importantly, it is putting storm water to good use (while reducing our demands on drinking water).
It is vital that urban green spaces are recognised as underpinning the very fabric of our sport, leisure and recreational industries. And that water used to maintain them is considered to be necessary. Green spaces also mitigate the impacts of climate change.
As we are all a part of this, it is essential that we demonstrate maximum water-use efficiency across all sectors. And develop and maintain a culture of excellence and continuous improvement across all industry sectors.
It may sound like a big price tag initially but when you really stop to think about it, what price would you really put on your children’s future?
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