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How to Look After Your Garden During the Chilly Season

We are now coming into the chilly season and you may be finding your garden is starting to look a little sad. It’s a good idea to know how to look after your garden throughout the year, especially throughout Winter, so you can get the best results for Spring and Summer.
Here are some handy tips from our Grounds and Open Spaces team to help you care for your garden in those colder months:

  1. Prune: By removing any weeds or dead wood from your garden you will help promote more flowering. But just a handy little note, make sure your tools are sharp when you make cuts and don’t cut off more than a third of the plant.

  1. Spray: Any weeds or stray plants you can see, spray them away. Weeds tend to thrive after extended dry spells (then heavy rains) so a broad-leaf spray would help make way for sumptuous plants.

  1. Water: But not too much, if you give your plants too much water you can suffocate the plants roots. Especially in areas where the soil is heavy in clay. Give the area a nice spritz.

  1. Lawn food: As the grass growth slows down during the colder weather / dry spring, your plants will thank you for feeding it with a slow release lawn food.

  1. Mulch and Compost: Before mulching and composting, just ensure to remove all the weeds, moisten the soil and fork it through (get a thick layer). We would suggest topping it up every 6 to 12 months.

If you can’t quite grasp the green thumb and you need some help with your commercial property, get in touch with one of our friendly staff members!