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Improve Your Properties Appearance with High-Pressure Cleaning

When most people think of high-pressure cleaning they think of water blasting dirt and grime off walls. But there is more to it than meets the eye. High-pressure cleaning does more than just removing dust, mould, grease, grime, and pollution. It can actually increase your profits by improving the appearance of your building and making it more appealing.


Mould: Mould is one of my most hated things on this earth! It is not only unsightly (it is usually black, brown or can appear as dark coloured stains on grout or exterior walls) but can cause health issues for anyone who is elderly, has respiratory illnesses or is sensitive. Mould generally appears in areas that are damp and humid.

how to get rid of mould

Dust, Dirt, Grease and Grime: As your building gets older it will start showing the signs of dust, dirt, grease and grime over time. As the building will be exposed to environmental elements. You will usually see the most susceptible areas will be around the windows, roof areas, walls, etc.

Dirt, grease and grim removal

Car parks and general public areasIn public areas like car parks or areas where people walk there will naturally be a collection of things like chewing gum grease, oil and dirt (to say the least). These areas will be more prone to getting dirty more frequently. To keep these areas looking fresh and well-kept, routine property maintenance like pressure cleaning can do wonders.

gum in carparks

The appearance of your building can not only affect the overall mood but can enhance the stay time of customers. By providing a clean, fresh, well-kept building, you are appealing to potential customers (first impressions count!).

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