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Reactive Maintenance is Three Times More Costly Than Proactive Maintenance

Did you know reactive maintenance is three times more costly than proactive maintenance? Despite knowing this, some firms still choose to repair their facility only when it faces major breakdown. The vast majority of firms make this mistake as they do not have a clear understanding of the benefits associated with proactive maintenance. Nor do they know when they should employ reactive maintenance. By understanding both types of maintenance, facility managers can reduce costs in the long-run.

What is Proactive Maintenance?

Known as planned, scheduled or preventive maintenance. It aims to prevent asset failure through regular maintenance, monitoring and analysis. This service involves scheduled tasks and is performed on a routinised basis. It focuses on identifying potential or actual issues that could affect your daily operation.

reactive maintenance is three times more costly than proactive maintenance?

What is Reactive Maintenance?

Known as predictive, breakdown or run-to-failure maintenance. This occurs when equipment suddenly fails, and tradesmen are called in to replace or repair the faulty parts. This approach functions as an emergency backup plan.

reactive maintenance is three times more costly than proactive maintenance?


It is a mistake to think that proactive maintenance is more costly than reactive maintenance. Based on an Australian study, it found proactive maintenance can reduce a facility’s energy and maintenance costs by up to 20%. That’s why Australia’s highest-performing facilities mainly use proactive maintenance. Preventative maintenance would reduce the flow-on costs (i.e. overtime labour, damaged reputation, impacted revenues etc.) associated with downtime.

When Do You Use Proactive or Reactive Maintenance?

Ideally, 80% of your maintenance strategy should be proactive and 20% should be reactive. Reactive maintenance is for assets that have little to no impact on your daily operation (i.e. a light bulb), or any components of your facility that would be low-cost and easy to replace. By employing reactive maintenance for assets that aren’t critical to your facility, your firm can reduce costs in the long-run.

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